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Hydroseeding is the process of mixing, high quality grass seed, mulch, fertilizer and water in a large agitated tank. It is often used for erosion control, and as an alternative to laying sod or broadcast seeding. 
Hydroseeding can be much more cost effective than laying sod, and much more beneficial than broadcast seeding. Within the slurry, the seed is protected by a high quality mulch. Broadcast seeding leaves the seed laying on the soil surface, unprotected and exposed to the elements. With hydroseeding, the mulch protects the seed from the elements and pests, as well as locks in moisture to keep the seed damp. 
If you are looking to plant a large area of land, hydroseeding is a great alternative to broadcast seeding or drill seeding. Hydroseeding can be completed in a few hours, depending on the size of the project. Germination rates are quicker with hydroseeding as opposed to broadcast seeding, as the seed is protected and has the proper moisture and nutrients to thrive. Typically, under ideal conditions, germination will begin in 3-4 days, with a full lush lawn in about 28 days. 
Hydroseeding is also very effective for erosion control of hillsides and slopes that are hard to access, or may have excessive runoff. The mulch and tackifier in the slurry stabilize the soil, and prevent soil from eroding from wind and water. In contrast to laying sod, hydroseeding will not slough. This can be a big problem when laying sod on a slope. With excessive moisture, the sod pieces will begin to slide down the slope, resulting in a very uneven and patchy slope. 

Calgary Lawn Solutions Hydroseeding specializes in residential, commercial and oilfield hydroseeding applications. Calgary Lawn Solutions Hydroseeding is your dedicated hydroseeding company in Southern Alberta. We are capable of tackling any size of job and our focus on workmanship and customer satisfaction is second to none.
Calgary Lawn Solutions is a family-owned Calgary based business. With an extensive corporate background in Agriculture and Geotechincal Engineering, we have specialized knowledge and a unique skill-set to successfully “grow grass” for any kind of project.
​Calgary Lawn Solutions Hydroseeding is committed to a Safe Workplace for our employees and our customers.
Calgary Hydroseeding


Lush, green grass gives the impression of a well taken care of home - especially in Calgary. Whether you need turf for a new construction project, a specific area of your existing yard, or completely starting your lawn over. We can handle all of your turf installation needs. Hydroseeding for residential and commercial projects. Hydroseeding is a cost saving alternative to sod that yields thick lush grass.

Calgary Sod Installation

Sod Installation

Calgary Lawn Solutions Inc. has continued to keep Alberta green. We provide our clients with freshly cut, Premium Dream Kentucky Bluegrass sod. It is a carefully selected mix of 4 top Kentucky Bluegrass varieties chosen for our southern Alberta climate. Fine bladed with dark green colour. 

Top Soil Grading

Top Soil & Grading

Whether you have a small backyard, or a large acreage, we have the right tools to help you with all your topsoil and grading needs. We deliver and grade a variety of materials to help you meet your landscaping needs.  

Outdoor Fireplace

Patio Pavers



A beautiful stone patio can add so much depth and functionality to an outdoor space. Stone patios can provide a family space to enjoy fires, eating areas, a breakfast nook to enjoy your morning coffee or your evening glass of wine.

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