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  • Sod is the ideal choice for the prevention of erosion of exposed soil. Along with providing immediate cover and stabilization, sod can help control the velocity and direction of storm run-off and enhance drainage in areas where grass seed would typically be washed away.

  • Sod can be planted at any time of the year as long as the ground is not frozen, unlike seed which has a limited window when temperatures are not too hot or too cold.

  • Reliability - Grass seed can easily dry out, blow or get washed away, or fail to germinate, but a sod installation is already established.

  • Once the sod has been laid and watered for two to three weeks you can begin to walk, run, or play on your newly installed lawn.

  • Forgiveness - Most varieties of sod are quite hardy and when properly installed and maintained will take root quickly compared to seed or hydroseed. While sod does require daily watering, there is a reduced risk of failure caused by neglect, loss of seeds to birds, or loss from wind or erosion.

  • Carbon Footprint - stores carbon & reduces green house gasses. Grass also absorbs pollutants, & filters ground and rain water by trapping dust and smoke providing cleaner air and producing oxygen. 

Benefits of Sod Installation

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