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Erosion Control

Hydro mulching typically consists of applying a mixture of wood fiber and stabilizing emulsion (tackifier) with hydromulching equipment to temporarily protect exposed soils from erosion by wind and water. This practice is suitable for steep slopes, stockpiles, large land areas and land that will be re-disturbed following an extended period of inactivity.


  • Provides temporary erosion protection prior to germination and seedling establishment

  • Suitable for hard to reach areas (e.g. steep slopes and stockpiles)

  • Relatively fast operation, covering large areas

  • Very cost effective alternative


Calgary Lawn Solutions has extensive knowledge in soil mechanics and engineering, and can help assist with your project's unique needs. Erosion of displaced soil can be costly to repair. Hydro mulching can be placed for as little as a 3 month protection, up to 24 month protection before having to be reapplied. 

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