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Calgary backyard landscaping

Patios, Walkways & Fire Features

Being a small family owned business, we have built our company on reputation and customer service. We take great pride in our work and build our patios to last! A beautiful stone patio can add so much depth and functionality to an outdoor space. Stone patios can provide a family space to enjoy fires, eating areas, a breakfast nook to enjoy your morning coffee or your evening glass of wine.

Stone, Brick, & Paver Walkways

Whether they are made of natural stone, classic brick, or concrete pavers, walkways in your yard should be easy to travel. After all, it's all about the journey more than the destination.

Stunning Stone, Brick & Paver Patios

If there's one thing that distinguishes Calgary Lawn Solutions Landscaping from any other landscape design and construction companies, it's the beautiful design and flawless construction of our patios and hardscapes. That's why our hardscapes are backed by an industry-leading warranty.

Calgary Lawn Solutions' landscaping crews are trained by professionals with Geotechnical Engineering backgrounds and over a decade of experience building hardscapes. Translation: our crews know their stuff. Whether you prefer the elegance of natural stone, the timelessness of classic brick, or the practical beauty of concrete pavers, we'll help you build the walkway or patio of your dreams.

Landscape Walkway Design Considerations

  • Width - A landscape walkway should be wide enough for two people to walk side-by-side. Four feet is the minimum for a front entry walkway, but 5 feet is better. Secondary walkways can be narrower depending on where they are in the yard.

  • Shape - Small yards benefit from straight walkways. Curved sidewalks add interest but are more informal. Don’t overdo curves. That will take away from the overall look. So, consider the style of the home. Do you need to emphasize the front entry? Then perhaps a straight walkway is best. Putting a walkway through a large garden? A meandering walkway in your landscape could feel just right.

  • Materials - When deciding on walkway materials, take your cue from the home. Red brick? Pavers close in color will make it seem as if the walkway has always been there. Natural Stone? Steppers? Gravel? Poured Concrete? Keep in mind that poured concrete or pavers are more solid and safer to walk on than steppers or gravel. Also, in Minnesota, pavers are less likely to crack, but clearing snow and ice can be more challenging.

To build a patio to last, we look at crucial points of the property such as water mitigation, soil composition and design. The majority of our focus during construction is to build a solid foundation to ensure minimal movement and settlement. With Calgary weather being so dramatic, we need to make sure our patios are built tough to last our crazy weather. Let us bring your landscaping dreams come true!

Benefits of a paving stone patio:

  • Durability - Built to last 25-50 years!

  • Maintenance - Resealing every 3-5 years

  • Safety - manufactured to be non- slip

  • Design - Many choices of pavers & colours, sizes, curve edges & styles

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