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Lawn & Turf Repair

First impressions and curb appeal, revitalize your tired or damaged lawn and have it looking just like new again. We have many solutions to old, damaged lawns. In many cases the lawn has been damaged from traffic (kids, pets, parties) or from too much fertilizer or herbicide.  Our Slit seeding service effectively repairs weak, bare, and thin areas of your lawn, leaving them full of new grass before you know it!

Slit seeding or drill seeding is performed using a special machine called a slit seeder that slices shallow vertical rows into the soil. These vertical rows are cut in multiple directions while seed is impregnated directly down into these rows, ensuring excellent seed-to-soil contact, optimizing seed germination and improving turf establishment.

We offer mechanical drill seeding, sometimes called slit seeding and over seeding. This is a hand lawn machine that cuts small groves into the soil and places seed in the soil and then covers them. The seed drill sows the seeds at equal distances and proper depth. This ensures that the seeds also get covered with soil. Our Ryan The Mataway® Overseeder is the best equipment offered in the industry and delivers seed straight to the curve-shaped discs, this places seed directly into the soil slits for unmatched seed-to-soil contact. 

Here at Calgary Lawn Solutions, we have a variety of different size slit seeders to accommodate your project, from residential city properties to acreages, parks and highways. We also recommend using this method over large areas opposed to just broadcasting due to its high success rate.

When drill seeding is not feasible, we can remove the old dead sod by cutting it out and replacing it with Top Quality Fresh Sod. We purchase and install the sod the same day it is cut from the farm to provide the freshest grass possible. 


What is a sod cutter?


A sod cutter is a machine that is designed to remove strips of grass from a lawn with the roots and most of the soil attached. It is typically used to quickly clear grass or weeds from an area of landscape or to create strips of sod to transplant in new areas where the roots will re-establish. Sod cutters usually have a metal roller at the base of the machine that makes it possible to move the cutter over the lawn. Beneath the machine are sharp blades that cut through the soil beneath the grass so you can lift the strip away after each cut. These blades are typically adjustable, so you can cut sod strips in varying thicknesses.


Cutter Types

Sod cutters are available in manual or gas-powered models. Manual sod cutters are operated by pushing a horizontal crossbar with your foot to force the cutting blade into the ground. Once the blade cuts through the soil, tip the cutter forward to level it, and push or kick it forward. Manual sod cutters may get stuck as you cut if the oil is rocky or uneven, so they’re not usually a fast way to cut sod. Gas-powered sod cutters, on the other hand, are powered by an engine, so they don’t require as much effort to use. The engine powers the roller that makes the sod cutter move and also powers a cutting blade, moving it back and forth to slice through the grass, so all you have to do is push it along.


Our first step in our sod cutting program is to accurately measure and and mark out any sprinklers or objects that can be damaged during the cutting process. 

We then proceed with cutting and removing approximately 2-3 inches of sod and soil, just below the surface. Once the sod is cut, we roll it up and dispose of it accordingly.


After all the sod is removed, we can address any grading/ soil issues that there may be on site prior to placing new grass/ sod.


Our projects on average take about 1 full day to complete once scheduled. 

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