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landscape architecture preliminary design blueprint

Designing Your Landscape Project  

Our professional landscape planning services includes a proven process that will turn your landscape vision into reality. Designing your landscape project & planning starts with a welcome meeting that helps you explore design possibilities, provide insight into the building process and receive comprehensive feedback on your property. Landscaping can be an overwhelming task, especially if you are trying to tackle it on your own. Here at Calgary Lawn Solutions we want to make your landscaping project easy, stress free and enjoyable. We'll save you time for you to enjoy your beautiful outdoor space. 

Our team here at Calgary Lawn Solutions will work with you and your landscaping project. We can design your outdoor living space that fits you, your family and your budget. We are a small family run and operated business established right here in Calgary in 2013. We have built our business focusing on customer service and unmatched quality and attention to detail. So if you are ready to start your landscape project, give us a call. We offer 100% free on site quotes. 

Calgary Lawn Solutions Crew members

Our Landscape Design Process

Step 1:

Welcome Meeting

Let’s get to know each other!
During this initial meeting, we will discuss the needs and possibilities of your landscaping project.
We invite you to share your landscaping ideas with us as we strive to align our vision with yours.

Step 4:


The magic comes to life!
Our crew will arrive on the scheduled start-date to begin.  First, we perform a comprehensive safety assessment and then get right to work with demolition and excavation. Before you know it, your design will be a bona fide reality!

Step 2:

Design Concept

Put our creative brains to the test. We’ll use notes from the welcome meeting to create a landscape drawing. This will highlight all of the major components that are included in the project. Based on this drawing and your site measurements, we’ll present a detailed project estimate.

Step 5:

Post Construction

After a thorough site cleanup, removing all debris and heavy equipment from the area it’s time to show off!
We offer valuable advice and do a walk-through with you. We also relay information on care and maintenance of your new landscaping masterpiece.

Step 3:


It’s a collaborative effort.
Once you’ve had a chance to review the concept drawing, you’ll have the opportunity to revise and make changes as necessary.
A new estimate will be presented, the contract is signed and a window for construction is chosen

Step 6:

Warranty & Care

Our exceptional customer service doesn’t end after construction! We provide a 1-year warranty on all workmanship, trees, and plant material. If you experience any deficiencies, let us know! Additional product care and maintenance information is always available.

Landscape Architecture

Central to our design services, our practice of Landscape Architecture is wholly collaborative and client-centric. Beginning with clearly defined goals and with the guidance of the client’s aspirations, our design process encourages an open, creative environment that fosters a cohesive vision for the project. At every scale – whether an urban roof top oasis, sprawling formal agrarian estate, or an ecologically sensitive development – our design team has provided Landsacpe Architecture that handles every level of complexity. Through classically derived design tenants, innovative and forward-thinking methodologies, and unmatched client care, we deliver environments that enrich the lives of those who occupy them.

Outdoor Structures Make Spaces More Functional & Inviting

Landscape and garden structures such as arbors, pergolas, trellises and fences are as individual as the homeowner and serve as points of interest in the landscape.

Whether they are simple or elaborate, these landscaping structures can draw us from one outdoor space to another, moving us through gardens or from the front yard to the back yard.

  • Use arbors as arches to mark a passageway.

  • Design an overhead pergola “roof” to create shade over a patio.

  • Trellises covered with vines or flowers can stand alone or cling to the side of a building.

Form & Fuction: Fences, Decks & Gazebos

  • Fences make excellent decorative boundaries, usually with details matching a home or landscape.

  • Decks extend indoor spaces, giving you more room for entertaining and relaxation.

  • Gazebos beckon as a destination point in the landscape.

Soften The Edges With Vines & Vertical Gardens

All of these structures can support climbing vines and shrubs. Vertical gardens soften the hard edges of the structures and add to the colorful floral displays in any garden.

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