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Irrigation Spring Start-Up Services in Calgary

After the long winter months, your irrigation system needs proper care to ensure it operates efficiently throughout the spring and summer. Our irrigation start-up service is designed to prepare your system for the growing season ahead.

Benefits of a Spring Start-Up

Maximizes Efficiency

Proper start-up ensures your system operates at peak efficiency, saving water and reducing utility bills.

Prevents Damage

Early detection of issues prevents costly repairs later in the season.

Promotes Healthy Growth

Consistent and adequate watering is essential for lush, green landscapes.

Our Spring Start-Up Process

Water Sprinkler


Turn On Sprinkler System

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Inspect For Leaks and Ensure Optimal Performance

Our expert technicians will carefully inspect and test every component of your irrigation system, including valves, pipes, sprinkler heads, and controllers. We'll check for any winter damage, leaks, or clogs that could lead to system failure or possible water damage risks.

leaking irrigation sprinkler pipe.jpg
Lawn Sprinkler Abstract


Make Necessary Adjustments

We will make any necessary adjustments to your sprinkler system by adjusting sprinkler heads, tightening valves, and setting up your controller box. Any major repairs will be quoted and scheduled by our team once approved.

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Schedule Your Spring Irrigation Start-Up Today!

Don't wait until the heat of summer to discover problems with your irrigation system. Contact us now to schedule your spring start-up and ensure your landscape thrives all season long.

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