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Lush, green grass gives the impression of a well taken care of home - especially in Calgary. Whether you need sod for a new construction project, a specific area of your existing yard, or completely starting your lawn over. We can handle all of your sod installation needs. We specialize in sod installation for both residential homes and commercial properties. From subgrade drainage to even, well-rooted, green Calgary grass - we’ve got you covered.


Your Professional Sod Installation Specialists

Calgary Lawn Solutions provides sod installation services throughout Calgary and southern Alberta.  Our spectrum of services include: Sod Installation, soil delivery & grading, sod cutting & placement and lawn repair / slit seeding. At Calgary Lawn Solutions, we’ve taken the time to refine and improve the process of a sod project from start to finish to ensure that with proper care, your grass is lush and green for as long as possible.


We've been laying down the turf for 8 Years here in Calgary and surrounding areas. Calgary Lawn Solutions Inc. has provided Calgary and surrounding areas with extraordinary landscapes for exceptional prices! What started as a small hydroseeding company that took great pride in its work and customer satisfaction has now grown to a full Commercial and Residential Landscape Construction business. 

Let us take care of your sod installation needs so you'll have more time to spend with your family, friends or clients!

Sod Installation

Our team of professionals enjoy working one-on-one with our clients to develop the best plan of action for their specific sod installation needs.  It is our goal is to assist all of our clients with making their yards, schools, churches, and businesses look beautiful, while making sure that the species selected for each of the unique properties are suitable for the climate zone and spacing which they are to be installed in.  Let Calgary Lawn Solutions help transform your property by designing a plan that fits your needs!

Key Benefits of Sod Installation

  • Dust and smoke are trapped by sod

  • Generates Oxygen

  • Keeps your home cooler by acting as an external air conditioner

  • Filters ground and rain water

  • Reduces soil erosion

  • Reduces your carbon footprint

  • Cools the air

  • Provides a cool surface to walk on

  • Absorbs noise

  • Stores carbon

  • Restores soil quality

  • Absorbs pollutants, and cleans the air

This overview of some of the many benefits of the lawn provides a tribute to the grass plant, truly a gift of nature. Although each plant is small, it contributes so much to our well-being.

---Dr. Eliot Roberts and Beverly Roberts 1989

Calgary Sod installation services

Calgary Sod Installation Services

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